Future you will thank you.

You first. Steps not leaps as you move towards what you value.

Breakfast this week, a trip next month or something BIG? Taking care of FutureYou can ease anxiety around hitting goals tomorrow, helping you free up headspace for the present

Savings. We see you.

The little and big ways you can consciously design the life you value.

Pay yourself first.

Prioritise your future with Roundups on every purchase. 

Everything you need to make your Money Story yours.

Putting your money to work, and you in control.

Get access to hacks which feel more like superpowers. Maybe you realise you need to free up some cash flow after buying the expensive cheese. 

Earn Pulse points for setting up a daily transaction account and get extra points for your first savings goal with $50 deposited. You also get a better view of every Afterpay order directly in your Money app.

Keep things moving and flowing towards the life you want.

You decide what the things are which make your life yours. For some of us, coffee at the local cafe is an essential moment to connect, reflect and start the day. See how small changes here or there will shift things down the line, getting you closer to your best life.

Have Money always on hand.

Money by Afterpay meets Apple Pay. Take Money by Afterpay with you everywhere you go by adding your digital card to your Apple Wallet. Whether you’re in a store, on a website or in an app, it’s an easier, safer, and more secure way to pay.

The App Store. A step

closer to your FutureYou. 

  • Digital app only

  • Daily account
  • Minty fresh debit card
  • We don’t charge fees