Find your MoneyFlow.

Feel at ease understanding your unique MoneyFlow. 

A powerful way to track how your spending is connected to your life and amplifies your values, moving you towards your best self. Trust yourself to make the right moves with your incoming, outgoing and saving goals (helpful). 

Write your Money Story.

Your money changes shape daily, and weekly. It’s less statement-y and less spreadsheet-y. Understand the unique flow state of your money (beyond spending and saving), with personalised insights linked to your life that help you grow your story over time.

Learn from each other.

No two stories are the same.

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Your Daily Account.

A place to cultivate your new relationship with money.

Everything you need to make your Money Story yours.

Putting your money to work, and you in control.

Have access to hacks which feel more like superpowers. Maybe you realise you need to free up some cash flow after buying the expensive cheese. 

Earn Pulse points for setting up a daily transaction account and get extra points for your first savings goal with $50 deposited. You also get a better view of every Afterpay order directly in your Money app.

Living in the present is easier with a little planning.

Thinking about your future doesn’t have to feel like a never ending series of commitments. Or something too far away to think about now. It can be something you set and forget. It can be next week, next month, or next year. Feel free to chill.

Have Money always on hand.

Money by Afterpay meets Apple Pay. Take Money by Afterpay with you everywhere you go by adding your digital card to your Apple Wallet. Whether you’re in a store, online or in an app, it’s an easier, safer, and more secure way to pay. 

At the App Store,

Money awaits.

  • Digital app only
  • Daily account
  • Minty fresh debit card
  • We don’t charge fees2